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Concept note template

Are you introducing your social impact organisation to a new partner or donor? Even if your cause is worthy and your organisation is doing amazing work, it's important to make a professional first impression because partners and donors are looking for an organisation that will be easy to work with. That means it is essential to demonstrate that your organisation has the capacity to communicate clearly and concisely, you have a powerful theory of change, and you know how to measure your results and demonstrate impact.

Prove that your organisation is worth investing in by providing a concept note that is clear, concise, professional, well-organised, and tells a compelling story.

What is a concept note?

It is a summary of a proposal containing a brief description of the idea of the project and the objectives to be pursued. A concept note shouldn’t be longer than two pages. That said, if your concept note contains multiple images, you can add another page or two, but do try to keep it short.

Top tips:

  • Aim for a steamlined 1-2 page document.

  • Focus on the key messages and remove all unnecessary text.

  • Use inforgraphics and images where possible.

  • Hire a graphic designer to make your concept note shine.

  • Focus on the narrative of what problem are you trying to solve, why it is important, and why your organisation is uniquely positioned to provide the solution.

Ready to get started?

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Want more resources to improve your social impact organisation's communication strategy? Get access to tools that work by checking out Step change: a roadmap for new fundraisers for more in-depth discussions.

About me:

With nine years of experience in the international development sector across Africa, Asia, and Europe, I help social impact organisations raise funds and develop partnerships. My services help organisations navigate donor requirements, position themselves in a competitive market, and build meaningful partnerships that ensure resources are utilised to drive change.

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