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Step change: a road map for new fundraisers

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

An essential guide for effective communication with partners, donors, and beneficiaries for social impact organisations and NGOs. This ten-article series will give you the tools you need to share your story and inspire impact!

Where it all began...

We met at the BOND International Development conference in London just over a year ago. A happy accident, we decided to share our skills and team up to bring you this all-important guide. And who are 'we' exactly?

Meet the authors...

Jennifer Ruthe

Senior professional turned charity copywriter and fundraising specialist, Jen began her journey as a trust fundraiser. As the years progressed, she broadened her experience and has worked on areas of community, individual and corporate giving. She went freelance just over a year ago when she moved to Brussels with her husband (and cat). She loves her job and is always happy to share her skills and experience with others.

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Molly Morrison

With nine years of experience in the international development sector across Africa, Asia, and Europe, Molly helps social impact organisations raise funds and develop partnerships. She started as a Peace Corps volunteer in Burkina Faso and has since worked with organisations including Save the Children, Catholic Relief Services, Frontier Markets, and Foundation First. Her services help organisations navigate donor requirements, position themselves in a competitive market, and build meaningful partnerships that ensure resources are utilised to drive change.

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Ready to jump in? Check out all the episodes here:

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