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Need funding?

You're not alone.

Gone are the days of pots of unrestricted funds for charities. Now, the landscape is becoming increasingly complicated - it's easy to get lost in the jargon of social enterprises, effective altruism, strategic funding, impact investing, technical institutional bid writing - and so on. It's also becoming increasingly competitive.

Let me help.

As an experienced fundraising expert, I can help your organisation chart a course through the chaos, focus on the right opportunities, and stand out from the crowd.

What are my services?

Donor mapping: I identify potential funding sources and help to demystify the funding landscape to create successful funding strategies.

Proposal writing: I coordinate with key team members to write impactful proposals with attention to technical details. I have experience with USAID, UKAID, and other institutional donors.

Strategy development: I build systems for tracking impact, frameworks for measuring the project's progress, and help to build project-management capacity within the team.

I support non-profit organisations and social enterprises who deliver social impact through project-based initiatives.


I am American, and I live in the UK. I have experience working with a wide range of donors (CSR and institutional) and implementing agencies in West Africa, Asia, and across Europe.


My clients are all phases of development - from start-ups to established INGOs like Save the Children.

Who are my clients?

What is the next step?

Contact me to discuss my daily rate or to receive a quote for deliverable-based work.

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